Twin Giants African Patriarch
New Day 32” square Look up. The sky is filled with colour as new day dawns. See hope. See redemption. A rainbow of promise. Self Portrait 32.5” x 33” I am strong. I am passionate. I am creative. I am what I am.
White Gold 33” square Our wealth is not your wealth; our gold is not your cure.
African King Protea


Bush Prayers As our sons grow up and become men, they enter a world that expects them to be responsible, informed, and, more often than not, fend for themselves. As they cross over into this unchartered territory, an initiation takes place. Sequestered in the bush, these men-to-be are left to reflect on their new status, their manhood and their future. Sadly, not everyone survives this process, and something that could have been rewarding and significant, often leaves behind a trail of scattered thorns. Kaleidoscope of Colour Our culture is everything about us – it is a colourful mix of our beliefs, traditions, history, food, activities, and the list goes on. In our rainbow nation, no one is more revered than the late Nelson Mandela. He inspired us to leave our differences, to be good and do good to others. The wise voices of our past tell us to build, to fight, to provide, to love, to celebrate, and we embrace this noble way of life. As we gaze around us also see others following a specific path, some of it we adopt and some not. Sometimes we strive to be someone else, but in the end, we are all part of this rich cultural landscape, each one a beautiful colour that contributes to the ever evolving canvass that is Africa.
Africa Queen Diversity, courage and strength – the story of Africa. In the multi-faceted social landscape of this continent, enduring strength sees it through many hardships. The protea, one of the country’s strongest indigenous flowers, has survived countless veld fires, floods and droughts. The indomitable spirit of the African woman, is born out of adversity and outlives any trial or struggle; spreads its wings in times of sorrow. Hoe Ry Die Boere Over mountains and through valleys we go, eyes bright with the hope of a green tomorrow. The red sunset calls us to a halt and we make camp, unloading creaking wagons; we lead our sheep to pasture. As the fire merrily crackles, the still night air carries our dreams on a gentle breeze. We hope for land, we hope for our families and a prosperous future. That, one day, we will bounce our grandchildren on our knees while our world is at peace. So, with the late moon as our guide and faith our compass, we continue on, with a song in our heart “ Let us live and strive for freedom, in South Africa our land.” (National Anthem)
Art illustrations
Warrior-King Ferocious one who raged in battle. He is famous without effort; he beats but is not beaten. He fights like a madman, he knows no fear. He wields his shield, nothing can harm him. He protects his own, fights for justice, provides as he should. When others slumber, his eyes roam the land - by dawn he follows the spoor (footprint). Many have fallen by his hand. Brave, fearsome warrior-king!
Africa my Africa Our continent carved out of glory. Where abundance grows deep in the soil, ivory, bronze, diamonds and gold. Green pastures, land where milk and honey flow. Beauty abounds where earth meets sky, its people, the crowning glory. Many seasons have come and gone. Heroes have fallen and risen again. But Africa always survives - out of the ashes new dreams are born, like fragile leaves emerging from the blackened waste. With every rain it grows; another flower appears, a new day dawns... and with it an indestructible spirit, born out of adversity.
Queen of the Cows In certain cultures, cow is king when it comes to marriage. The keys to bringing the bride home. The bride’s father or elder of the tribe, which is then given as payment for the young woman, usually determines the amount of cows. A business transaction? In some cases, unfortunately the answer is yes. But, when this tradition is followed, as it should, it gives new meaning and depth to the marriage celebration. And so a new family is created.
Mealtime ‘Dinner’s ready!’ People come running from different directions. There is nothing like a hearty meal to bring a family together. Whether it’s prepared on an open fire or in the oven, with a doily on the table or a tin plate on a stack of bricks, it works its magic and creates a feeling of camaraderie.
Circle of Life Each family, together with all the other families on earth, forms part of a never-ending circle. Every person, every culture, and every nation, is necessary and plays an important role on the stage of life. So let all the interesting stories keep flowing, so that we can tell our children, and when they families of their own, they can tell their children.
Supreme Woman Woman – the glue that holds it all together. She is wife, mother, counselor, arbitrator, teacher, nurse, helpmate and loving companion. Her house is her kingdom and she rules it with all the grace and wisdom that she has been blessed with. Her family depends on her, and, without her, they would be lost at sea; ships with no harbor.
harvest The fields are yellow. It is time for the harvest. Neighbors call out to one another, friends and relatives come from afar. Heaven has opened her arms and blessed the land. Villages prepared, fires made. Children are playing again; their empty bellies forgotten. As one they move across the field, ready for the picking. The child gatherer smiles, walks to cornfield, and so begins the harvest.
Noble Leader Courage and humility sets the leader apart from the rest. With vision he leads his family, with kindness he guides them and with love he wins their hearts. They are awed by his strength. Through wisdom he provides, and, if threatened, he will fiercely protect his own.

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