welcome Welcome to the Creative King website. As you browse through it, you'll realize that it's more than just a company or a website - this is who we are. Creative King changes the way you think and the way you see yourself. It is as much a lifestyle as it is a brand. You see, Creative King wasn't born overnight. Being creative people, we've been involved in the art of creating for many years. After careful research and thought, we've taken familiar concepts, changed some and added new ideas and values, and when we were certain that we had a winner, Creative King was born. We realized that we are all kings in our own right. Our desire is to create an awareness of that identity through our service. Creative King's vision is a group of companies across industries creating and sourcing products of the highest quality. To top it all off, we are quality people too, and will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve. Come and browse through our website, be delighted, and let us know what you need.
values if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to do something else. we believe these three pillars - dedication, innovation and a pioneering spirit - set us on a different level and paves the way for a satisfying and ongoing relationship with our clients. the moment you contact us, We commit to bring you our time, service and expertise to complete the project until you are delighted with your authentic creative king experience. We aim for the stars.
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Esaias Calitz Founder & Director
Welcome to Creative King Magazine! Every issue features a different theme, inspirational stories, celebrity interviews, sensational photo shoots and much more.


We are dedicated to you, our client, and to walk the creative process with you until your expectations have been exceeded/you are ecstatic! To meet the ever increasing demand for latest and best of everything, we will continue researching for new trends in the design industry and keep in step with product developments so we can continue to blow your mind. There's a new one for you. Yes, if it is possible, we will do it. If it's difficult, we'll find the most creative way to make it work. If it has never been done before, we will navigate the unknown, and with care and patience, take the leap.
Simply put, design is graphic. Illustration includes things that cannot be photographed. We cover many disciplines: logo's and branding, packaging, annual reports, branded merchandise and more. Product shots, modeling portfolios, health & fitness portfolios, food photography, fashion, engagement shoots - if it can be photographed, we can do it. Creative King photography is professional, stylish and reflective of the particular style, image or theme that you desire. Whether it’s corporate, small business or personal, Creative King will give your website an online personality that sets it apart from the rest out there. Our services include site maintenance and additions. Graphic Design Web design Content Writing Weddings Online Magazine We are excited to offer wedding photography, wedding decor, flowers and stationary. Think of it as a full-service package. Content marketing aids in brand recognition, credibility, loyalty and authenticity. Content is king. That's why we offer quality, professional copy for your business across all platforms. Creative King's latest offering, our online magazine, is packed with inspiring stories, celeb interviews, creative people and amazing photo shoots. Every issue has a different theme. Watch this space. Our online shop will be open soon... We'd like to offer something extra. If you want to tell a story about your products or get playful with words, we can create engaging and interesting writing for your creative needs. services
I am a creative thinker who enjoys creating out‐of‐the‐box concepts with a strong message. Having worked on multiple projects – websites, company branding, portfolio shoots and wedding shoots, package design and many more ‐ I have acquired my own style and flavour, and work to achieve the best, most satisfying end result. My desire is to inspire those who I work with through my artistic expression. I have always loved something arty, something that is a bit out of the box. My style is very unique; I guess I see life from a different angle. I am truly passionate about the concept of design, the fact that you can create something out of nothing. I am constantly delighted and surprised by what can be done with a good dose of imagination, hard work and a never-give‐up approach. Every time I sit down with a project, I enter a world that has no boundaries. None of my work is meaningless; everything I do must say something. I am stirred by the emotional impact of a design. If there is a powerful story behind the art, it moves me. Many times I see aspects of myself or something about my own life in a design piece, and those are the ones that inspire me.
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